UN accredited climate teacher gives talk on the environment at local church

By Sasha Keates, 16, and Charlotte Avery, 16, Jill Dando News

We visited St John’s Church in Burnham-on-Sea to listen to a talk on climate change given by The King Alfred’s School Academy teacher Catherine Owen.

Mrs Owen is a UN accredited climate teacher.

 Decorated in the church were beautiful paintings by Cassie Williams (@petalspalette). 

Her work was titled ‘Habitat Disruption’, linking in with the environmental theme.

Climate change:

Mrs Owen spoke on the powerful effects of climate change.

She said: “The effects of global warming and climate change have been happening for a very long time, but only now are we realising the impact. 

Humans are changing the balance of the natural world and things will only worsen if we do not make changes now.”

The Reverend Martin:

When we spoke to the church’s vicar, Reverend Martin, we asked him why he felt it was important for the talk to take place. 

He said that many churches are taking part in ‘Climate Sunday’.

Because of this he felt a talk from Mrs Owen was the right step to take in opening the conversation.

“It felt like the right time, especially with the COP26 event taking place.”

 Reverend Martin also said that as a Christian, he believes God created our Earth for a reason; therefore, as humans, we should take care of our home. 

Spreading awareness and talking about climate change is the first step in the right direction.

Mrs Owen

Mrs Owen emphasised that we all have a role to play in tackling climate change.

She said: “People now realise how they have contributed to the enhanced greenhouse effect, but we still have so much more to learn about the effect this is having. 

“We know so little about when tipping points will be reached and the consequences they will bring, but we do know that it is the poorest people who suffer most.

“It is important that we consider the consequences of our actions and the people that will be affected by them.

Power of community

No one person can solve this problem on their own, working together is the best way and only way. “Earth hour” and “beach clean ups” are just a couple of ways we can come together as a community to help. 

Although we may come together, we can hope that leaders are globally collaborating to come up with bigger solutions.

How can you help?

– Write letters, spread awareness, voice your opinion.

– Turn your lights off.

– Work with your community.

– Reuse clothes: fast fashion has one of the biggest impacts on our planet.

– Good insulation in houses – this helps to keep bills down, keep people warm, and keep greenhouse gas levels down.