UK’s kindest man does random acts of kindness for over 1000 consecutive days

By Jill Dando News

A Good Samaritan who has surprised strangers with random acts of kindness every day for the past three years has been honoured.

Sebbie Hall, 20, was crowned the UK’s 2023 Kind Hero on World Kindness Day.

He was honoured with a statue near Tower Bridge in London after performing thousands of selfless acts.

The 6ft tall likeness depicts him in a superhero-style cape and stance, inspired by his motto, ‘kindness is my superpower’.

Since devoting his life to helping others aged 17, Sebbie has performed constant good deeds. 

Among his kind deeds, he collected coats to give to the homeless, hid Easter eggs around his village, and near Halloween collected pumpkins which then were made into soup for those in need.

He has his statue was unveiled on Monday to mark World Kindness Day.

Mr Hall has said his acts of kindness were a way of acknowledging the help he was given to help him deal with a rare chromosome anomaly which causes him physical and communication difficulties.

Along with his mum, Ashley, he set up the Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation – which focusses on helping vulnerable youngsters – and has donated tens of thousands of pounds to individuals and projects in Staffordshire.

The statue has been created from recycled materials and was produced using 3D scanning technology.