TV’s Ant Middleton urges people to get rid of all negativity

By James, 17

Ex-special forces soldier Ant Middleton has urged people to get rid of all negativity to get a ‘positive mindset’ and boost their life

Ant Middleton, 39, has released his new book ‘Zero Negativity’ and it is already fast rising in the charts. 

In the book he teaches people how to tackle everything with a positive mindset and highlights that there is always a brighter side you can look on.

Ant is best known as the Chief Instructor for Channel 4’s hit show, SAS : Who Dares Wins. 

As somebody who has been through and come out of so much, Ant Middleton is an inspiration to everyone in society and someone, who through the popularity of his books, is clearly sharing a message that a lot of people need to hear.

Ant said the benefits on everyday life if people can develop this positivity is huge.

The ex Royal Marine this week told Piers Morgan about his new book and how since the age of 17 he has fought for his country in every possible different climate. 

Ant said: “Nobody in the history of the world has ever been perfect. Nobody. And there are times in life when we all feel cornered. But when a challenging situation comes your way, how are YOU going to face it? In this book, I’ll give you the tools you need to face challenges with positivity, embrace failure and use it to your advantage and become the best version of yourself. Today is a new dawn. Make it count.”

Middleton now has a collection of number one bestseller books encouraging everyone to take on the same positive outlook on life that he did.

Ant’s life has not been without struggle, having lost his father at the age of 4. He described how this loss devastated him, and also strained his relationship with his mother, whose new boyfriend threatened Ant and his siblings ‘with beatings if they ever talked about their dad again.’

At the age of 17, Ant Middleton joined the parachute regiment, where he described he was singled out and viciously bullied as a result of the ‘pack culture’ ingrained there.

Despite all these difficulties, Ant spoke recently on how all this helped develop his positive mindset and build character. 

When asked by Piers Morgan about his thoughts on the new culture of participation prizes in schools, the ex-marine responded, ‘It’s nonsense, healthy competition is what builds hardships, suffering and ultimately resilience… sometimes we do come last and we teach children resilience from that… we’re not preparing our children correctly.”

Zero Negativity is out 3rd September and is available to pre-order now HERE including signed sprayed edge edition at Waterstones