Top tips from high-profile MP on politics, dealing with negativity and keeping in touch with nature

By Kiaran, Oliver and Jake, all 12, Jill Dando News

Twelve year old journalists have organised an interview with a high-profile MP to get top tips on politics, dealing with negativity and keeping in touch with nature to alleviate anxiety. 

The Jill Dando news team from across The Priory LearningTrust were thrilled to receive an audience with their local MP, John Penrose. 

Speaking to us from Westminster, the MP for Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset encouraged students who are interested in politics to “Dip their toes in the water”.

Mr Penrose became interested in politics during his mid-20s, after years of yelling at the TV. 


When asked he said his biggest downfall was his recent resignation as the PM’s anti-corruption tsar, but he remarked that this was his choice, and encouraged people to stand on their own two feet.

He also encouraged young people to be safe online, and informed them that even if they experienced negative comments, that they shouldn’t let it get to them or influence their thoughts and feelings. 

He recommended keeping in touch with nature to calm down, while simultaneously having a positive carbon impact. 


To calm the mind, he makes his impact through beekeeping. 

He assisted English Heritage to preserve its historic sites and make it what it is today.

Oliver, 12, organised the interview in the first place. He said: “Thank you to Mr Penrose. Our students felt privileged to be able to interview our MP.”

Mr Penrose said:”Well done to Oliver and his assistant reporters for organising the interview. In journalism, as in politics, timing is everything!”

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