Does your team, business or organisation need a New Year morale and positivity boost?

Book life enthusiast motivational speaker Shane Dean for a New Year morale boost for your workplace this January.

Millions of people are feeling overwhelmed after nearly two years of Covid19 bad news.

Laughter, fun and positivity has at times dried up.

Now in January, in what is called ‘the most miserable month of the year’, a motivational speaker has launched a series of coffee, laughter and chocolate-fuelled seminars to give people a new year boost.

Life enthusiast Shane Dean is available to visit organisations, charities, workplaces, offices, schools, businesses and individuals with his refreshing positivity tonic.

Over 21 lessons – 21 being the magic number to develop a habit – Shane will help individuals to develop a lifestyle and mindset to feel better about themselves, ease anxiety and boost positivity and hope.

Shane himself suffered years of anxiety and panic attacks which prompted him to develop his formula for 25 years. 

For the same time, he has been a news journalist exploring how people can best live life to the full, ease anxiety and enjoy life.

Shane said: “We have all been hit by bad news for so long now. This is an opportunity to take a really deep breath, enjoy some coffee, chocolate and laughter, and develop some habits for positivity.”

Shane will explore tips such as laughter, meditation and breathing, positivity thinking, developing hope and turning bad news into good in your own life and that of the world.

Shane uses stories from figures such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Bear Grylls and more as well as his own real life news stories from his life and journalism career to illustrate his points.

Andrew Scott, CEO of the Ascot Group, said: “I have worked with some of the best speakers in the world over the years, but I’ve never met anyone with more authenticity, passion and ability to really inspire people as Shane Dean. 

“He never fails to motivate our 70+ staff, including the management and leadership teams; and the content he delivers is ideal for businesses and corporate organisations looking to achieve growth and deliver a morale boost.”

Email for more information or to book.

(Shane is founding editor of The Post featuring News That’s Good For You from the UK and around the world)

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