Three 2024 tips to stop worrying and be happy

Three 2024 tips to stop worrying and be happy

By Happiness Correspondent

This catchy genius song by Bobby McFerrin was a huge hit in 1988 but is still as relevant as ever. Maybe make the song your 2024 anthem.

If you worry you won’t be happy - so let’s aim to stop worrying in 2024 and be happier.

Easier said that done - so how do you do this? Everybody has worries. Even millionaires and billionaires - in fact they could worry even more. Worry is a very bad habit - but we can train our brains to stop worrying.

With bad news and negativity from the Media getting into our minds, it means higher misery and gloom than ever before in history. But we can change the story.


Here are three simple tips to get us going in 2024.

1. Journal - write your worries down
Simply write down your worries. This will help your mind process it. Most worries aren’t actually going to happen. Ask ‘what’s the worst thing to happen’.

As the Stoic philosopher Seneca “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.”

2. Give up control

Worry comes from trying to control. So…. Every day, give up control. Maybe 20 times a day say ‘I give up control’.

You are not actually in control of anything. You didn’t choose when you were born and you won’t decide when you did. So why worry! When we worry we are just trying to control things we can’t control.. So give it up. Try the Serenity Prayer used by alcoholic anonymous and many others.

3. Stop reading the news and social media

The news is mainly negative and so is social media - so filter it or stop it altogether.

Negative news is just bad for you.

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