Think like Branson, Churchill and a Purple Sheep

Sir Richard Branson is one of these. So is Bear Grylls, so was Churchill, Mandela and King Alfred the Great.

They are all Purple Sheep Thinkers. (PSTs) People whose minds are filled with passion, positivity and possibility thinking. Add to that, creativity, determination, and a willing to break out of the box in radical ways.

But white sheep thinkers think negative, tired, defeatist thoughts.

The amazing thing is, most people are born PSTs. Babies and children are confident, inquisitive and excited to live each day. Yet life ‘stuff’, knocks, negative comments and bad news can smash the stuffing out of us. We are left to be white sheep thinkers.

I know this for myself. By the age of 21, I was a terribly negative thinker, full of worry, fear and destructive thoughts. I shrinked from life. After reading books on the power of the mind, how we can choose our thoughts, and change the story, I began to do just that. I became a positive person.

Since 1996 I have been a journalist, interviewing and observing thousands of people of all ages and all walks of life, from homeless people, prisoners and criminals to senior politicians, business people and royalty.

I have discovered the default position for people is to think like a white sheep.

But the good news is, like Branson, Bear and Mandela, white sheep thinkers can become PSTs right away.

I have been speaking on my Purple Sheep Thinking philosophy since 2006 to audiences in businesses, education and charity.

The humble sheep is cute but dull. It follows other sheep. But start thinking like a Purple Sheep today to make your mark and leave a powerful legacy.