There is more good news in the world than bad

There is more good news in the world than bad

All across the world, sensational acts of kindness, generosity and heroism are taking place.

Children taking care of parents, raising money for others in need, and doing day to day good things for people.

The 24.7 news media and social media would have us believe the world is a wicked place, focussing on the bad - terrorism, wars and unkindness in politics, show biz and in communities.

Yet with anxiety, mental health and fears rocketing, it is time for a different focus.

On people like Sarah O’ Gorman, pictured, helping communities in Malawi. A Good News Centre has been installed there. Sarah’s students in the UK, pictured, sent out computers to help them create a journalism club.

There are millions of Sarah’s and students like this. That’s what the Good News Post is all about.

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