New prefect team for high-flying academy

New prefect team for high-flying academy

By Zoe, 14, Jill Dando News

After a round of outstanding interviews, The King Alfred School an Academy in Highbridge, have selected their new team of prefects.

Across the year group there are 4 head students, 11 senior prefects, and 42 prefects.

There were 14 applications for the role of head student and Mr Milford, Principal, and Miss Groves, Student Leadership Coordinator, both agreed that it was very difficult to narrow down the selection as the students were all excellent.

Miss Groves said: “I was so impressed by all 14 applicants for head students, so many thoughtful and perceptive ideas – a really strong cohort this year and I’m so excited to work with all of the student leadership team next year”.


The prefects play a crucial role at TKASA. Head student, Evie, said: “a prefect’s role is to lead and inspire the student body with helpfulness, kindness and positivity. We also strive to set a good example for the younger years to look up to”.

The prefect team are already rising to their responsibilities and setting a fantastic example to the students at TKASA by taking part in their first breaktime duties this week.

They are active and visible across the school - helping students, preventing littering, and providing a friendly presence to brighten people’s day.

The prefect team have a range of responsibilities and activities they will be involved in across the year and we look forward to seeing them excel.

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