Saving lives and community heroes - we meet amazing PCSOs (By Elliette, 10, and Ollie, 10)

Saving lives and community heroes - we meet amazing PCSOs (By Elliette, 10, and Ollie, 10)
Photo credit Avon and Somerset Police

By Elliette, 10, and Ollie, 10, Jill Dando News Correspondents

PCSO's have been going into Year 5 classes at the brilliant Ashcombe Primary School, in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Here are a few things the primary school children have learnt.

PCSOs are community champions and problem solvers who make a positive impact.

PCSO's Main Job

Assisting and supporting police officers, gathering intelligence, carrying out security patrols.

The PCSO's said their presence alone reassures the public.

We learnt about the Recovery Position

This is important to learn because it is critical for saving someones life.


Because in life threatening moments, it is crucial to have their air ways open! However, if they have a back or neck injury, wait until help arrives.


'Who you gonna call'? 999

Always/only call 999 when in an emergency (emergency services)

Life saving fact

Elliette, 10, said: “Evidence shows that shutting your door can prevent fire from spreading. Closing a door can save your life and others.“

Ollie, 10, added: “How amazing is that!”

PCSOs are part of neighbourhood police teams and work with colleagues from across the organisation to reduce crime and provide a visible and reassuring presence in neighbourhoods. 

They build relationships with local people to understand the policing issues that matter to them most and work with schools, colleges, community leaders, businesses, and other groups to listen, engage and provide support on a wide range of policing issues. 

The role is varied and exciting and PCSOs are out and about every day, walking or cycling the streets, meeting people, and offering support and advice. 

Their work can include offering crime prevention advice, working with partners to address anti-social behaviour, intelligence gathering, supporting at crime scenes or events and much more.

Ashcombe is a fantastic primary school that has had a track record of success for many years.

It has its own Jill Dando News centre that inspires children to go for their dreams, to think positive and write uplifting stories in memory of Jill Dando who lived in Weston-super-Mare before achieving amazing success.

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