The good news of Workers’ Resilience (By Grace, 11)

The good news of Workers’ Resilience (By Grace, 11)

By Grace, 11, Jill Dando News Correspondent

After many years, the scandal behind what could be referred to as Britain’s largest case of injustice has been brought to light.

1999 to 2015 were the years where over 700 postmasters and postmistresses lost their jobs due to an enormous misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding was that the 700 postmasters and postmistresses were stealing money from their post office.

The 700+ workers were persecuted since the system reported a lack of thousands of pounds.

Workers were made to sign contracts but one refused to say that they were guilty when they weren’t.

That worker gathered others and took this to court.

Eventually, it was found out to be a mistake and as many postmasters and postmistresses were compensated and their names were cleared.

Names are still being cleared and people are still being compensated.

To bring this to the attention of the public, ITV have been making a four-part TV series ‘Mr Bates vs The Post Office’.

ITV are also pushing for the workers’ justice.

The story of the resilience of the post office workers is certainly one to remember.

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