The good news of Sam the Quarry Fox (By Filip, 9)

By Filip, 9, Jill Dando News Correspondent, Ashcombe Primary School 

Weston café owner, David, published a book called Sam the Quarry Fox. 

Sam the Quarry Fox, which was published during the covid pandemic, features photos by David ZV Lewis and text by Angela MW Lewis. 

You can purchase this book for £7.50 

David, who slowly gained the trust of Sam the fox. 

Sam, who was one of a litter of five, stayed in the area even after her siblings moved on. 

Picture Credit @DavidLewis

Despite being a wild fox, Sam learned to come to David for some tasty treats and David managed to capture some impressive photographs. 

Sam the fox would often wonder off, sometimes for days at a time. 

Eventually, Sam had a litter of her own, and even adopted another fox called George.

Filip is a Jill Dando Journalist in memory of brilliant Jill Dando who was kind, humble and positive, as well as a brilliant TV journalist. There are an expanding number of over 100 student reporters aged 8 to 18.

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