Terrific Titanic! (By Ava and Mylie, aged 9)

By Ava Marshall and Mylie Every, Jill Dando News Correspondents @ Ashcombe

In the February half term, I was fortunate enough to attend the Titanic exhibition at Bristol Paintworks.

This exhibition moves around the country and allowed me to learn so many new facts about this great event in history. 

Fun Facts 

The Titanic is one of history’s most well-known ships to this day. Did you know, the titanic had a swimming pool onboard and is most likely still full to this day?

The Titanic’s construction started in 1912. Of course a lot of tragedy came down of the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mysteries of the Titanic 

Sadly, 1160 bodies were not found along with the Titanic itself. The Titanic is a tragedy lost in time, a lot of items on the Titanic still remain at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to this very day!