Tens of thousands of children to give news verdict on 2020

By Jill Dando News and Good News Post reporters

Tens of thousands of UK children are giving their verdict on news coverage during the bleakest year for generations

As the UK again goes into lockdown, students aged 4 to 18 in over 700 schools, academies and colleges have been asked the question ‘Was good news overlooked in 2020?’.

This week they are discussing and giving their verdicts.

The challenge was laid down by fast-growing UK organisation, VotesforSchools which provide weekly resources on topical issues for Primary, Secondary and Colleges created by teachers. VotesforSchools is passionate about hearing and sharing the voices of young people.

At the end of the week more than 30,000 children will vote and comment on their findings.

Spokesperson Lizzy Lewis said: “There is little doubt that 2020 was one of the worst years we have seen for many generations. Many adults have seen the year as just constant bad news.

“We thought it would be wonderful to get the views of tens of thousands of children who have been living through 2020 and the pandemic, and to tell us if they thought good news was overlooked.”

For more on the organisation see https://www.votesforschools.com