Tallest steer Romeo grows to record height years after being rescued from slaughter

Tallest steer Romeo grows to record height years after being rescued from slaughter
Photo supplied Misty Moore/Guinness World Records

By Jill Dando News

You’re pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with the world’s tallest living steer Romeo.

The handsome six-year-old is a very big presence at the Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary in Creswell, Oregon, USA, where he lives with his loving owners Misty and Robert Moore and all his animal friends.

Standing at 1.94 m (6 ft 4.5 in), Romeo is even bigger than his predecessor Tommy.

But don’t let his size fool you, Romeo is a big softie who loves nothing more than having a cuddle.


The big bovine had a rough start in life.

He was just 10 days old when Misty and her husband Robert rescued him from the slaughter.

Misty, co-founder and operator of the sanctuary that provides life-long care to vulnerable animals, said: “We received a call from someone who had rescued him from the harsh reality of a dairy farm, where his fate was sealed to a veal crate.

“You see, in the dairy industry, male calves like Romeo are often deemed as mere byproducts, their destinies predetermined by profit margins.

She added: “With open arms and boundless love, we welcomed him into our sanctuary. From the beginning he was a survivor, and we could tell that he was longing for a fulfilled live.

Misty says Romeo was an obvious choice of name for her new furry friend.

“Romeo earned his name due to his deep affinity for love,” she told us. “He delights in both expressing affection and receiving it.

“Additionally, his striking combination of handsomeness, intelligence and sensitivity made the name an ideal fit.”

He’s described as the sanctuary’s “biggest softie” who will come running when hugs are on offer but rush to shelter if the slightest sprinkle of rain hits him.

Photo supplied Misty Moore/Guinness World Records

Romeo is a very smart boy though, and he’s worked out how to drink rainwater from a spout in his shelter without having to get wet.

Misty also said: “He knows his name, loves to play, and sometimes attempts to jump in our arms with pure excitement.

Photo supplied Misty Moore/Guinness World Records

And with such a giant frame, comes an even bigger appetite.

Romeo eats a whopping 100 lb of hay and 15 lb of grain every single day and drinks an entire bathtub full of water.

There’s always room for a treat or two though, of course, and Romeo loves apples and bananas the most.

Being as big as Romeo does come with some difficulties though.

Misty told us: “Dealing with a supersized steer like Romeo brings its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to getting him the right vet care.

“Regular animal hospitals might not have the equipment to handle him, which can make it tricky to give him the help he needs in emergencies.”

Keeping him with a full belly also puts a big financial strain on Misty and the sanctuary.

Photo supplied Misty Moore/Guinness World Records

“To keep up with the costs, we’re always watching our pennies and getting creative with fundraisers to cover Romeo’s hefty grocery bill,” she said.

Misty says that as a Holstein, Romeo’s big size didn’t come as much of a shock.

They are a big breed, but most don’t get the chance to grow as tall as Romeo as they usually don’t make it past 24 months.

Growing as big as Romeo can have health implications though, such as musculoskeletal and digestive issues, as well as other problems.

But for now, Romeo is a happy, healthy boy and an official world record title holder.

He loves ‘helping out’ around the sanctuary by tagging along as humans carry out repairs, sunbathing with his friends, scratching himself against trees and exploring the pasture. 

“Romeo finds joy in the simple pleasures of life,” Misty said.

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