Super Sustainability wins impressive school unique top award

Super Sustainability wins impressive school unique top award

By Colette (aged 10)

St. Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-Super-Mare has become the first school in North Somerset to win a Platinum award from Modeshift Stars.

The stunning award was for amazing levels of sustainable and active travel at the impressive school.

On both Hewish and West Wick sites, there has been an increase in different ways to get to school.

Children are cycling, scootering, walking while parents and carers are using the shuttle bus and being encouraged to park and walk.

Modeshift Stars aims to secure increased levels of safe, active and sustainable travel in educational establishments, businesses and communities.

Councillor Bridget Petty congratulated St Anne’s Church Academy for the work that the school has done towards being active and more sustainable.

She liked the way that the school has given lots of activities through the year groups.


School secretary, Mrs Lee said, “The school is very proud to get the award because it shows how much we care about sustainability and staying active.”

One of the things Modeshift is proud of is how the number of leadership roles have increased. Year six children meet and greet other children each morning and help them to park their scooters and bikes. A recent survey said that the number of Year 5 that want to have a leadership role like this has increased from 81% to 94% in the last year.

The school has also worked this year to get more children being more active. Many activities have helped raise awareness and lots of people have been involved .

Mrs Petty also mentioned that the school can feel very proud and that it had been a pleasure to work with them.

(This story was written by superb Jill Dando News reporter Colette, aged 10)

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