Students wow audiences with exceptional school musical

Students wow audiences with exceptional school musical

By Mark, 13, and Mia, 14

Incredible students have wowed audiences with the latest incredible musical performance.

Every year the Priory Community School Academy's summer musical in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is marked by a standout performance.

This year their Little Shop of Horrors, is no different.

This year's production featured Year 10’s Josh Harding, 15, as a hapless florist named Seymour who stumbles across a new breed of plant.

He names "Audrey II" - after his coworker crush, Audrey (played by Shannon, 14).


All Year 7 students got the chance to review the play before the general public this week with special Matinée performances on Wednesday and Thursday.

Buzzing afterwards, Isabella exclaimed "it was seriously well played and seriously scary in parts!".  Kieran said: "I loved it!"

When asked what particularly appealed to them about their roles, lead actress, Shannon Kingston, 14, replied: “I love how she's different from who I really am. It's fun to play such an outwardly feminine role.”

And Dentist actor, Freddy Jones, 15, said: "It's just so fun to play! Obviously I feel terrible saying all those awful things but it just feels so good because it's such an over-the-top character to play around with."


With numerous cast and chorus members, a full band and a host of backstage support - this performance is a showcase of talent from beginning to end.

Having had a break during Covid 19 restrictions, the performance is back with full vigour and is not to be missed.

The show will be on at 6pm on Wednesday the 13th of July and Thursday the 14th of July.

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(This Jill Dando News story was written by Mark and Mia of PCSA)

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