Students win awards after introducing a raft of measures to make it easy to cycle – including buying two electric bikes

WCSA has scooped five awards in a year for its sustainable travel innovations driven by WCSA and Assistant Business Manager Neill Bird.

He has just scooped awards at the North Somerset TravelWest Awards to cap off an incredible year of award winning.

In the high-achieving school, Neill has introduced a cycle to work initiative, a ‘join my journey’ car-sharing initiative, more bike parking for students, staff and visitors as well as holding In2Biking at the school, which enables the less able to learn to cycle. Neill has also introduced an electric pool bike so that there is an alternative to using a car when travelling to other schools within the trust.
Neill said: “We are delighted at these awards. Our students are leading the way on being in a school that values transport other than cars.

“Because of the support I received from the North Somerset Council Sustainable Travel and Road Safety Team, it was neither difficult or costly to implement the initiatives that have been introduced at Worle Community School Academy.

“I would therefore encourage other businesses to consider doing the same in order to achieve numerous benefits.”