Students were taught about the importance of kindness to combat discrimination in a two-day workshop by the police.

Students at Worle Community School Academy are encouraged daily to be kind, caring and compassionate to other students and people in the community. 

This week police carried out talks to Year 7 students over two days to make students aware of diversity and people who are discriminated against and to accept others who were different.

They learned what is discrimination and the different types such as homophobia, racism and sexism.

Students also were taught about what is meant by Hate Crime and worked on scenarios and what they could do to get help.

WCSA is a high-achieving caring school that has kindness at its heart.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We do everything we can to encourage kindness into every student as a lifetime character trait. These workshops are really helpful in making all the students aware of discrimination and what to do to help those discriminated against.”