Students visit one of the world’s best universities 

Story and photos by Zoe, Jill Dando News

A small group of students from The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset and Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare were given the opportunity to visit Exeter College which is one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University. 

To start off the day, students were given a talk by a former student who now works at Oxford University. The talk covered the history of the university and what the university offers. 

At Exeter College they have a pet cat called Walter who is named after the founder of the college (Walter de Stapeldon). 

The students then went to the Natural History Museum in Oxford where they were shown some examples of what students study, such as: hissing cockroaches, an octopus stored in ethanol, and an old elephant’s tooth. 

The students had lunch in the dining hall where there were portraits of all the previous rectors (principals) as well as King Charles who donated money to the school.

On their tour of the college, the students visited places such as the library, the chapel and the main room where the first years spend their social time.

All of the students returned from the trip feeling inspired and with an aspiration to aim high.

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