Students and parents enjoy talks by world expert on teenage brain

More than a thousand students have been helped to combat stress and promote happiness, wellbeing and reading for pleasure after the visit by a world expert on the teenage brain.

Nicola Morgan, multi-award-winning author and international expert on teenage brains and mental health, spent a day talking to students and staff across The Castle School, as well as 450 parents in the evening.

She spoke on stress management, social media, making healthy friendships, reading for pleasure, and a host of other topics to help students and adults alike.

The Castle School is one of Britain’s best state schools with incredible GCSE results, excellent teaching and a strong curriculum and extra curricular activities including guest speakers such as Nicola.

Sarah Watson, Head Teacher, said: “This was a truly fantastic day. It was designed to help students, staff and parents to understand the teenage brain even more, and to ensure health and wellbeing through the school years and beyond.”