Students host Royal British Legion dignitaries on Remembrance Day

By Dawson, 14, Jill Dando News

The King Alfred School Academy hosted Royal British Legion dignitaries to remember those who died in the wars.

Fantastic students at TKASA in Highbridge, Somerset created an emotional tribute for Remembrance Day.

They held a touching ceremony and silence to remember the war dead.

John Crosby, Chairman of Burnham and District Royal British Legion, was the guest of honour along with Simon Orchard MBE, Branch District Standard Bearer.

Mr Crosby was Royal Air Force Police for nine years from 1957 to 1966 while Mr Orchard was 22 years in the Parachute Regiment after joining the Army from the age of 16. 

Sixth Form Student, William (Lord Lieutenants Cadet in Somerset) was also involved in the ceremony laying a wreath at the ‘Silent soldier’.

Principal Dan Milford said: “It was a huge honour and pleasure to welcome Mr Crosby, Mr Orchard and members of the Royal British Legion and their families. This was a tremendously touching ceremony and tribute.”