Big hearted students get creative for people living with Dementia (By Grace, 11)

Big hearted students get creative for people living with Dementia (By Grace, 11)

By Grace, 11, Jill Dando News Correspondent

Every term, big hearted students volunteer to spend their time with local people living with Dementia.

At the Tamar Wellness Centre, run by Alliance Homes, customers enjoy sessions at the day care centre and young people have been adding real entertainment and joy.

The students of Priory Community School Academy visited this amazing establishment and will continue to every school term.

During the November visit, intergenerational friends were made when students and customers created Rudoph-inspired hot chocolate gifts and festive cards for the upcoming Christmas fayre.

Dementia is a disease that affects around 676,000 people in England over the age of 60 and affects more than the person with dementia. It affects the person’s family and friends. Tamar Wellness Centre provides a day service for those whose lives have been affected by dementia.

Tamar Wellness Centre is in partnership with North Somerset Council and aims to provide support to our seniors with dementia.

The Wellness Centre Does a range of inclusive and entertaining activities such as: Singing, dancing, arts and crafts, exercise programmes, board games, musical bingo, quizzes, TV time (classic TV, films and documentaries) and gardening time.

The customers loved having the children visit them.

“All of them were so lovely with the customers and showed so much patience and perseverance in the task. The team observed the children being kind and encouraging and attentive to the customers. What a lovely group of children who really have represented your school in a wonderful way!” A staff member quoted.

The Wellness Centre has created a Facebook page to post these astonishing moments and also the activities they do everyday!

The message from volunteers at Priory Community School Academy is: don’t stop being phenomenal and keep reaching out to your community!

Grace of Jill Dando News is one of over 100 Jill Dando Journalists who find, write and publish positive good news out across the world in memory of Jill.

Jill Dando is also a former student of WCSA where the project began.

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