Students and staff produce Christmas blanket for the homeless as part of their Knitting for Mindfulness project

John O’ Gaunt is producing the large blanket as part of their community project and will present it to the Loose Ends charity, based in Newbury at Christmas.

The project is also the first of the new school Wellbeing Team, and is also intended to help further promote mindfulness across the inspirational school with a boost on physical and mental health.

When people knit, the coordinated hand movements fire neutrons all over their brains, similar to playing the piano, and also help slow down the mind.

Studies have revealed that anxiety, eating disorders and pain management can be helped through knitting.

JOG is a high-achieving community school that aims to give students aspiration and ambition, and to foster positive mental health.

Principal Alan Henderson said: ”As well as being a high-achieving school we place a big emphasis on helping the community, those in need and on facilitating positive mental health for students and staff. This is a brilliant project which will benefit everyone.”