Student tells how pets keep people positive in lockdowns

By Jill Dando News

A student has been sharing how pets are keeping people positive during lockdown.

Megan, aged 12, of Priory Community School Academy (PCSA), in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset said pets are wonderful animals that can really make people happy, especially if you are going through a tough time. 

In an article for her school’s Jill Dando News Centre, she wrote that are good companions and love people unconditionally.

She added: “Stroking your cat or dog can lower your blood pressure and make you feel calmer. Even watching fish can ease tense muscles. 

Maggie of St Anne’s Church Academy

“Playing with your pet increases the levels of the feel-good chemicals – serotonin and dopamine – in your brain.”

PCSA has its own therapy dog Buddy who is hugely popular around the school. Meanwhile, St Anne’s Church Academy have Maggie, Mead Vale Primary School have Luna and Ashcombe Primary School have Gus, Priory.

Megan added: “I own a one year old black Labrador pet dog, Shadow, who is really silly but also highly intelligent. 

“Her favourite thing is to play with is a ball and she likes to lie on people’s feet in the evening to go to sleep. She loves to have cuddles and be picked up – even though she weighs about 26kg!”

PCSA is part of the The Priory Learning Trust.