Student smash maths challenge

Student smash maths challenge

By Grace, 13, Jill Dando News

Some 15 students from The King Alfred School an Academy’s Sixth Form in Highbridge, Somerset took part in the Senior Maths Challenge this week – the first time Sixth Form students have been entered for a number of years.

The 90 minute challenge involved students answering 25 multiple choice questions, although there is a catch: points are deducted for incorrect answers. Mrs Owens said “this encourages students to tackle problems and to think outside of the box.”

This year, 9 of the students in Year 12 and 13 achieved enough points to gain a certificate: 4 bronze certificates, 4 silver certificates and 1 gold.


Jude, won an additional certificate for Best in Year 12.

Joshua, Year 13, achieved a gold certificate, Best in Year 13 and Best in School. He was entered into the Senior Kangaroo, the next round in the challenge, and sat this on the 15th November.

A brilliant effort from all of the students and we look forward to seeing how Joshua does in a couple of weeks time.

Grace is a Jill Dando Journalist based out of The king Alfred School Academy. Jill Dando News was set up in memory of the late journalist Jill Dando, who lived in Somerset and became the best BBC presenter in their history – kind, positive and humble.

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