Students cleans up litter to help wildlife

By Jill Dando News

Community minded students at The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge, Somerset, picked up a whopping 15kg of litter along a road on the outskirts of the town this week.

Luke, Year 9, Evie, Year 7, and mum Vicky were concerned to see so much discarded litter along Isleport Lane and were worried about its potential impact on wildlife including swans, coots, ducks, water voles and an egret which are regular visitors to the area.

Using a litter picker, they helped pick up bottles, cans and other items.

TKASA is a brilliant academy that encourages students to thrive in a range of curricular and extra curricular activities.

Principal Nathan Jenkins said: “We are very proud of Evie and Luke – this was a wonderful community minded activity to do in their spare time.”