Stray dog gets dream job – in car customer service

By James, 17,

A stray dog has been given his ‘dream job’ at a car dealership who hired him as a ‘professional consultant’.

Tucson Prime is now working for a Hyundai car dealership in Brazil after Manager Emerson Mariano invited him in on a cold night, much to the delight of the staff.

Tucson Prime, photos from Tucson Prime on instragram

The dealership decided to name him Tucson Prime and it wasn’t long at all before he became a massive part of the staff community.

An elated Tucson was hired as a ‘professional consultant’ and was given his very own staff ID badge.

The manager admitted that the initial plan was to provide warmth and food for the stray, however after seeing his instinctive ability to interact with customers, he saw no other option than to hire Tucson as the latest addition to  his business. 

The manager said: “The company has always been pet friendly, so now we decided to embrace this idea in practice too…”

Tucson has received glowing feedback about his customer service, and customers who previously bought at the dealership have returned to thank him and provide him with gifts.

Dogs all over the world are gaining a bigger role in society with the influx of dogs being used to improve the mental health of children in schools. This is just one example of a company noticing the benefits that dogs provide even to businesses by providing the customer service that humans sometimes just can’t offer.

Pictures by Tucson Prime on Instagram