Stephen Fry’s top tips on keeping your mind healthy during self-isolation

Stephen Fry has given his top tips on mental health during the coronavirus crisis. 

Appearing on the BBC from his home the author advised people how to survive minute by minute. 

As president of mental health charity Mind, he suggested some people could cultivate their gardens, taking things slow and taking up relaxing hobbies.

He added that people could perhaps turn off their social media and phone notifications.

He revealed how he has taken up calligraphy and is slowing down himself.

He said: “Even cooking the smallest thing now, I prep it, I put little pots and I do the garlic in one little pot, you know, just like a TV chef

“It’s preposterous, but it just slows my life down and stops me getting too anxious and too nervous.”

Other tips for mental wellbeing include slow deep breathing from the nose, listening to birds singing, reading positive books and turning off the news.

Mental health issues have rocketed over the last few years and inspirational charities such as Mind and In Charley’s Memory are helping combat the problems.

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