Spring has sprung at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Spring has sprung at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

By Jill Dando News

Dorset lambs, renowned for their distinctive appearance with a white woolly coat and alert, friendly demeanour, have arrived at Noah's Ark. This particular breed is celebrated for its adaptability to various climates and its high-quality, fine-textured wool.

As the unmistakable signs of spring begin to unfold, these newborns bring the excitement of new life to the Zoo.

Eleanor Steeds, Farm Section Leader at Noah’s Ark commented, ‘The farm barn has once again come alive with the playful antics of these adorable additions. We’ve named our first trio of lambs Bounty, Bon Bon and Lollipop!’

Steeds continued, ‘Dorset sheep are unique in that they are not seasonal breeders so can lamb at any time of the year. They are a great breed for our first lambs of the season and give us something to focus on as the new year begins.’

These newborn lambs find their footing in the Zoo as we say hello to a new season. Noah’s Ark encourages visitors to drop in and say hello to their charming new additions.

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Photos - Noah's ark Zoo Farm

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