Sporting golden era at top school

Incredible national student successes in tennis, football, cricket and athletics has sparked a sporting golden era at a high achieving school in Taunton.

In recent months current and former student at The Castle School have won national tennis tournaments, an under 13s cricket competition at Lords, and have had students called up to represent England at athletics and football.

Not only is the school one of the best in Britain academically, it is also punching at a high level nationally in a range of sports.

It has a staggering 276 after school and extracurricular activities – one of the highest in the country.

Just recently, Grace Piper won an Under 18s national Tennis tournament and their under 13s girls became the best at cricket in Britain.

Headteacher Sarah Watson said: ”We believe passionately in sporting and physical pursuits, which also helps students academically and is brilliant for mental health.

“Sports are quite simply booming and there is a real buzz across the school for students to find what they like and are good at, and we then encourage them to pursue excellence.”