The wonder of dogs! Six devoted pooches chase ambulance then spend 24 hours waiting outside hospital for their owner

By Jill Dando News

We all know the wonder of dogs, loyal, devoted, funny – but this story takes the biscuit.

Six brilliant pooches dogs spent over 24 hours waiting for their homeless owner outside a hospital in Brazil when he was rushed in suffering from a stroke.

The wonder of dogs – picture posed by models (via

A video captured the remarkable moment the faithful hounds arrive panting outside the hospital after chasing the ambulance for several miles.

The devoted pets refused to leave the entrance of the Santa Casa Hospital in Cianorte, south Brazil, when the street dweller, known only as Luiz, was suddenly taken ill.

They kept vigilant outside the front of the institution and howled for hours, according to observers. 


Luiz, who has been sleeping rough for over 20 years, was discharged the following day but left through another entrance with his brother.

The dogs, who he considers to be his family, stayed put waiting for him to emerge.

They only left when their master returned to collect them.

Simone Zilane, a volunteer with animal welfare group, the Amigos de Patas, told Brazilian media G1: “The dogs were desperate. They followed the ambulance, racing after it down the roads and arrived just as Luiz was being taken into the hospital. They went mad as they took him in and howled non-stop at the entrance.

“After a while they lay down on the ground and refused to leave. When we realised Luiz had been discharged and his pets were none the wiser, one of our volunteers went to fetch him from his brother’s house and take him to where the dogs were still waiting for him.

“He hadn’t realise they were outside all this time, but he wasn’t too surprised,’ she added. 

By the weekend, Luiz was already back on the streets with his pack of faithful followers.

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