Singing in the rain with musical miracle Shania

Singing in the rain with musical miracle Shania
Shania Twain in concert (photo Adam Hunter)

By Music Correspondent Adam Hunter

The skies were grey, the rain was falling hard, and the ground was muddy which made me wonder whether Shania Twain’s opening song “Don’t be stupid” had a point for me and the many thousand in their cowboy hats and ponchos being drenched. 

She is the queen of country pop with millions of albums sold and many hook filled hits mainly in the 90s. 

I have the privilege to attend her concert, part of the Chepstow Summer Sessions series of concerts held at Chepstow racecourse during the ‘great’ British summer.

During one and hour and a half, she then proceeded to sing many of her hits ‘Any Man of Mine’, ‘Honey I’m home’, “You’re the one’, “whose bed have your boots been under’, ‘That don’t impress me’ and many more finishing with “Man I need a woman”.

The sound mix was great. Her band was full of energy, but it is clear than Shania’s voice has changed from her hit making days. It has lost power, and she cannot reach the higher notes and some songs suit her voice now better than others. 

She was at the hit making height of her vocal powers when in 2003 when she contracted lyme disease causing her to lose her voice. She needed major treatment and a lot of determination to talk let alone sing again. 

So, the fact she is performing is something of a miracle and she had the crowd dancing in the mud and singing along in a party type atmosphere. 

Worthy mention of the support act Rag’n’Bone man who is so often a worthy headliner in his own right.

The power in his voice perhaps highlighted the lack of power in Shania’s. He sang his hits and new songs from his forthcoming album. He has a big voice and “Human” and “All I ever Wanted’ were the obvious highlights in a very enjoyable 45 minutes show that I wish had been longer. 

Awful weather, not a great venue but a great night’s entertainment.

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