The incredible mood-boosting power of singing

The incredible mood-boosting power of singing
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By Happiness Correspondent

You might not sound like Ed Sheeran or Whitney Houston but if you want to feel happier, singing could well bring some powerful mind and mood benefits.

Whether singing in the shower or belting out tunes in a choir, the act of singing songs can provide a remarkable boost to our emotional and cognitive well-being. 

Research reveals singing works wonders for mood, stress relief, brain health and more. 

Here's a look at some of the benefits of raising your voice in melodic tune.

Singing releases happy hormones

The euphoric high many get from singing is more than just metaphorical. Studies show the very physical act of vocal warm-up and singing releases endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and other neurotransmitters that promote feelings of pleasure and positive mood. Singing can quite literally get you high on your own biochemistry.

Singing is like meditation

While singing, you're deeply focused on regulating pitch, breath, rhythm and volume. This heightened present-moment awareness activates the prefrontal cortex and can induce a quasi-meditative state akin to mindfulness meditation. These flow-like states of immersive concentration correlate with reduced anxiety and depression.

Singing boosts the brain

An incredibly complex coordination of vocal muscles, auditory processing, breathing, emotional processing and more neurological signals are all involved in singing a melody. This crossmodality workout for multiple regions of the brain can improve cognitive reserve and may even generate new neural connections.

Singing boosts social bonding

The musical communion of singing together, synchronizing breath and pitch in harmony, can be incredibly rewarding and bonding. It taps into our ancient human vocalization roots and the oxytocin released can cultivate trust, empathy, and deeply felt emotional connection between singers.

Whether in the car, shower or in a choir, singing is an uplifting activity that can calm the mind, stimulate cognitive function, induce pleasure, and bring people together.

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