Good news as cafes, bakery and help support adults with learning difficulties and poor mental health (By Ellise, 21)

By Ellise Hollie Hayward, 21, Disabilities Correspondent, Jill Dando News

It’s good news for adults accessing the work of Able2achieve LTD.

It was founded in 2010 and provides a dynamic support service to adults with learning disabilities, associated disorders, and people with poor mental health. 

Their mission statement is to “enable personal achievement and progression by developing essential skills and self-confidence through learning, living and work.  Our values are opportunity, choice and respect.  

They fulfil their mission statement by offering supported living services, enabling services, day services and work-based learning opportunities. 

Able2achieve Trust was established after the LTD and provides work preparation areas that offer a safe place to build work skills, gain confidence and be a part of a team and their communities.

Able2achieve Trust has three cafes, The Winking Frog in Yeovil, Camelicious in Queen Camel and The Silver Otter in Ottery St Mary Devon. 
They also have a Bakery which provides baked goods to our cafes and the community. 


A spokesperson said: “We also have a shop for those who want to focus on retail skills called able2antiquities.  Our supportive and experienced staff teach the expectations and standards of employment within a real work setting.”

Ellise became Disability Correspondent for Jill Dando News last July after delivering a superb talk to Priory Community School Academy – also part of The Priory Learning Trust – last July.

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