Sensational pupils at a brilliant school have driven their own project to help source uniform for others

(By pupils at Jill Dando News Centre)

Some 90 Ashcombe Primary School pupils have been writing to local companies to help source school uniform for those who struggle to afford it.

The project came at the end of an amazing year which has seen them doing real-life projects to help the homeless and others across the community.

They discovered research that shows that many families cannot afford basic school uniform and that having uniform gives them self-esteem.

Ashcombe is a brilliant community school in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Headteacher John Clark said: “We are so proud of our wonderful pupils. They came up with the project themselves and have been thinking of others in need. Kindness is an amazing quality.

“The work these incredible young people have undertaken will help us provide children affected with a starter, high quality uniform which will have a lasting legacy, support wellbeing and create more equality of opportunity.”

Martha was one such people who wrote a letter to local companies. Her reply said: “You are a very kind person. The world needs more people like you. Continue to be Kind in every way you can, in doing so you will spread love to those around you.”