SEE MONSTER comes alive in Weston-Super-Mare

SEE MONSTER comes alive in Weston-Super-Mare

By Juozas and Kieran, 12, Jill Dando News

Students from across The Priory Learning Trust were inspired by the creators behind the innovative new project SEE MONSTER which has chosen Weston-Super-Mare as it's home.

SEE MONSTER is like nothing ever seen before – and it chose Weston as it’s home.   The extraordinary new art installation is a showcase of collective creativity, built on a regenerated offshore platform.

Presenting the project, the special panel of guests included Becky Walsh, Weston-Super-Mare Town Council and Community Manager for SEE MONSTER and Dose of Society founders, Nii Lartey and Ahmed Faid.  They were joined by Filmmaker Farhath Siddiqui who has been documenting the whole project, capturing its essence and engagement.

Faid said that what connected SEE MONSTER and Dose of Society were ‘big dreams’, explaining that ‘sometimes you have to do things you fear but on the other side of that is opportunity’.

Dose of Society is a socially powered media company for fresh, unheard voices with a mission to show case ‘real people with real stories’ which is something that student journalists from The Priory Learning Trust could really relate to.


Walsh explained that ‘the psychology behind it is the most important thing in order to make sure it has impact and full engagement’.  The team showed how Weston-Super-Mare was chosen for a reason because they wanted to attract more tourists and raise the profile of the town.

Inspiring aspirational young journalists from Castle Batch Primary School, St Anne’s Primary School, The King Alfred’s School Academy, Worle Community School Academy and Priory Community School Academy, Faid encouraged them to ‘try new things’ to ‘find your happy place’.

Love for his job came from knowing that ‘simple connection on the street can help thousands of people’.  Lartey implored them to remember ‘purpose over profit’ and continue telling peoples’ stories.

The SEE MONSTER project is due to launch this summer on Weston’s beachfront.  Students look forward to visiting the installation in September.

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