Records broken on scorching sports day

Records broken on scorching sports day

By Sports Reporters, Jill Dando News

Records were broken on an extraordinary day filled with sport swept over Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Jubilant House Daley took the final winning title for 2022.

Three students broke school records in their respective races.

Daley sports house is named after British diver, Thomas Robert Daley OBE.  Each house celebrates a worthy sportsperson to help inspire students.

Daley, Holmes, Hoy and Tweddle battled it out on the track and field to gain points for each house.

Students can also participate by showing the best support or accumulating house points throughout the year for academic and extra-curricular achievement.

House matches in cricket, rounders, football and netball take place throughout the year and are then combined with totals from the race heats on the final sports day.

Of note, PCSA's Year 7 students showed that they are some of the fastest students yet.

Yamamoto beat the school record for the 200m sprint at an incredible 29.85 seconds.

G. Macrides completed the 400m in just 1 minute 08 seconds and M.England beat the 800m record with an incredible time of 3 minutes 03 seconds.


Littledike raced the 1500 metres in only

5 minutes 34 seconds! Daley came in top with a whopping 88708 points earned in total; Hoy was second with 81813; Holmes in third with 73346 points; Tweddle completed with a total of 72595.

Ice-cream vans were in constant demand throughout the scorching hot day, with temperatures reaching 25 degrees.

To wrap up the day, staff and past students took to the track in a battle of speed and determination in the Staff Relay.

An event not to be missed!

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