Let’s save the planet! Caring students driving through eco change

Students follow in footsteps of Greta Thunberg in enthusiastic eco plan to save the planet

Inspirational Taunton students are following in the footsteps of 16-year-old award-winning climate change activist Greta Thunberg in their own backyard

Year 10 The Castle School students are driving through the change.

They have taken part in a number of marches for the climate and are coming up with radical plans to change the environment.

One of the group, Jenny Allan, aged 14, said: “Although we are not old enough to vote or stand in elections, we are eager to make a positive difference in our local community. 

“We want to make changes around the school by changing attitudes, bringing in more opportunities to recycle and leading the way as an example to others.”

The students will now inspire other students through assemblies and tutor groups, and plan to bring in new bins and schemes to reduce waste.

They would also like to form links with local community groups who aspire to similar environmental goals. 

Headteacher Sarah Watson said: “I am always keen to encourage students to take part in democratic processes. This has to be the most important issue facing us at the moment and it is inspiring to see our younger generation leading the way. It gives me great hope for the future.”