Rising journalists in Malawi, Africa to commemorate Jill Dando by baking cakes

Rising journalists in Malawi, Africa to commemorate Jill Dando by baking cakes

By Jill Dando News in Malawi

Ten budding journalists from Mnjiri Secondary School, Mzimba, in Malawi will enjoy cakes baked in memory of UK journalist Jill Dando who inspires their positive journalism training.

With specialist training from Kurya Ndiko Uku Community Based Organisation (CBO) and Karisa Baking Training Centre in Kasomba, students will learn how to prepare and bake cakes using a Malawian-style clay oven.

These special students were selected after applying to a unique Jill Dando News journalism programme set up with Mzimba-based NGO Limbikira Foundation (LIFO) and a British school.

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It is the latest celebration globally of Jill Dando’s life and legacy as all week across her former hometown of Weston-super-Mare, they have been hosting 'tea, coffee and cake' events. In both the UK and Malawi this week - the week surrounding the anniversary of Jill's death - communities will remember her life and legacy by sharing tea, coffee, and cake.

People have been remembering Jill's life of positivity, enthusiasm, authenticity, humility, kindness, empathy, and ambition, and how she became the 'smiling face of Britain', rising to the very top of the BBC before her passing on 26th April 1999.
Now in Malawi, Africa in Saturday, the Africa based Jill Dando News students will learn from its members how to bake cakes.

Jill Dando was a beloved BBC Presenter and journalist who had a real love for positive, community-based stories and a passion for charitable ventures in Africa.
Jill loved coffee and walnut cake, so the events are held in connection with her life and achievements.

Lexah Harrison, Founder of Kurya Ndiko Uku, will host the event.
Sarah O'Gorman, UK fundraiser and coordinator of Jill Dando News at Priory Community School Academy in Somerset, said: "It will be an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with a local organisation, learn a skill, and mark Jill's memory, which is important for any journalist."

A Jill Dando News spokesperson said: "Having teamed up with The Priory Learning Trust in the UK, these young people hope to report on as many good news stories locally to become Malawi's first rising journalists, following in Jill's footsteps."

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