Rashford’s now inspires reading for millions

By James, 17, Good News Post

National treasure Marcus Rashford launches a book club so that children across all backgrounds can experience the escapism of reading

Marcus Rashford, 23, is one of the stars of world football and has fast become one of the nation’s most cherished celebrities.

Over lockdown, Marcus Rashford endured a huge battle and eventually won ensuring that millions of children regained their entitlement to free school meals and didn’t go hungry over the difficult period.

He also helped raise over 20 million pounds over the lockdown to help feed the underprivileged children himself.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, Rashford has started a book club for children that will look at and teach children the value of education, positivity, female role models and culture.

Marcus wanted to ensure that children of all backgrounds were able to experience the wonders and benefits that come with reading. Speaking on the matter, the footballer said that he wishes he was given the chance to read earlier in life, adding that his family had to prioritise food over books when it came to budgeting.

Mr Rashford proceeded to state that he ‘wants this escapism for all children, not just those who can afford it.’

We can now see that the national treasure has done his absolute best to solve these two issues and as a result millions of kids will not have to make the decision between books and food.

Marcus Rashford said in a recent interview that he would deliver the books himself if that was what it took and this truly is a perfect summary of the attitude of the man who has acted as a modern day Mother Teresa to the underprivileged kids in our society.