Radio presenter Dave Englefield Interviewed by Jill Dando journalists 

Radio presenter Dave Englefield Interviewed by Jill Dando journalists 

By Zoe, 15, and Emily, 14, Jill Dando News

Sedgemoor FM's radio presenter, Dave Englefield, based in Somerset, shared insights into his remarkable 40-year career in the industry.

Dave's radio journey began in Musgrove Hospital, before going to London in 1982.

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Returning to Somerset in 1991, Dave played a pivotal role in overseeing a Christmas charity radio station in Bridgwater.

Although others were sceptical, Dave founded his own radio station in 1994, shaping it into the thriving show we now know as Sedgemoor FM.

Dave emphasised the significance of radio in delivering local news directly to people, citing a personal moment about a visually impaired listener who reaches out to him daily, highlighting how radio can be a lifeline for people.

He passionately expressed that for him, radio is not just a job but a source of excitement.

Having established deep connections within the industry, Dave has formed friendships with many of his musical idols and regularly receives invitations to various events.

His journey into radio was sparked by the inspiration he drew from a song called 'Blue Guitar,' heard on a Luxemburg radio station.

This experience ignited a desire in him to share his love for music with a wider audience.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his job, Dave beamed and stated, "Putting a smile on people's faces." It is this genuine joy in bringing happiness to his listeners that has defined Dave's illustrious career.

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