Quilt auction raises 900 euros for inspirational horse rescue charity

By Jill Dando reporters Mia, 12, Tamsen, 13, and Mark, 12

Somerset residents are helping to raise money for a charity that cares and rehabilitates abandoned and abused horses and donkeys.

One of the rescued horses after rehabilitation.

Jonquil Brooks has raised 900 euros for the amazing charity Andalusian Rescue Centre for Horses (ARCH) by making a 200 cm x 168 cm quilt out of various fabrics in a patchwork style.

The charity is centred around rescuing horses from perilous situations. Prior to the pandemic, the charity was thriving and holding Sunday open events with barbeques open to the public, but due to events during the last year, they haven’t been able to hold them.

It is the latest charity work to be carried out on behalf of the inspirational charity. Any donations received go towards the care and rehoming of the horses and donkeys.

ARCH was set up about 12 years ago with a mission to provide the best care and rehabilitation for abandoned and abused horses and donkeys. 

Jonquil visited Jill Dando News students at Priory Community School Academy to show them the quilt and explain more. The reporters would like to publicise the charity to help raise more money for the brilliant cause.

Jonquil said: “This is a brilliant charity and we would encourage everyone to get behind it. I enjoy making quilts and just wanted to do something to help.

“There is a big and growing need because of COVID-19. Horses in particular are a status symbol in Spain, and this includes those with shady credentials including drug dealers.

“Many are abandoned or mistreated by their owners which is where the team at ARCH swing into action to save them from more harm.”

The charity has a shop in nearby Alhaurín el Grande near Malaga. About 10-15 horses can be looked after at any one time.

Just three part time staff run the centre and the rest are a team of volunteers who feed, muck out and tend to the equines every day. It gets no government funding so has to raise everything from the public.

Jonquil added: “As soon as horses are well enough they can be rehomed at their forever home after careful vetting of their new owners.”

For more on the charity or to donate go to https://www.horserescuespain.org