Pupils enjoy brilliant bedtime stories – hours earlier than normal!

By Sophie, age 10.

Pupils have been enjoying brilliant bedtime stories – hours before they would normally go to bed!

The children also were able to enjoy hot chocolate and stories in front of a fire played on the big screen.

Children in Year One, Two and Busy Bees at St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset had bedtime stories at 5 o’clock.

The stories were read as part of the school’s work on ‘Reading for Pleasure’ week.

The children all got hot chocolate and before the stories the children’s parents could buy some leftover cake from a bake sale.

 Poppy in year one said, “The stories were good,” whilst Alana in year two said, “It was excellent,”

Sweetie in Busy Bees said” I felt sleepy!”

Mrs Hendry added, “ It was so cosy you could feel the warmth!”

This was written by Sophie, aged 10, at St Anne’s. She is part of Jill Dando News, created to spread good news worldwide in the memory of the late Jill Dando.