Proud moment for UK and solidarity with Ukraine for Eurovision Song Contest

Proud moment for UK and solidarity with Ukraine for Eurovision Song Contest

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Music has brought joy to millions for thousands of years.

It is no different with the annual Eurovision Song Contest which each year is aired to the world, bringing joy and solidarity.

But this was also a big message of solidarity with Ukraine.

After a tense performance, the singer for Great Britain, Sam Ryder, managed to land top of the leader board along with Ukraine and Spain.

People in the United Kingdom were very excited and astonished, having seen poor results and no win since 1997!

The judges awarded 283 points and 183 from phone viewers, making our total 466.

The UK was superseded with a score of 631 from Ukraine - a worthy winner for the competition.

It's thought that countries across Europe voted for the war-torn country in solidarity of its current situation.

Lots of people took to different social media platforms to congratulate Ukraine on their win, including UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

On Twitter, he wrote 'congratulations to Ukraine for winning the @Eurovision

Song Contest 2022.  It is a clear reflection of not just your talent, but of the unwavering support for your fight for freedom'.

Despite not clinching the winning spot, many people congratulated Sam Ryder for his incredible song and performance of his single 'Spaceman'.

PM Boris Johnson also said 'i

ncredibly proud of


and how he brilliantly represented the UK tonight' with a Tweet on the night. 

With a huge 12.9 million followers on Tik Tok, Ryder's platform has grown significantly since Eurovision.

Eurovision has been held annually since 1956, making it the longest-running annual international televised music competition and one of the world's successful long-lasting television programmes.

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