Premier League manager Graham Potter supports homeless charity by sleeping rough

By Reuben, 16

Brighton football boss Graham Potter has had an excellent start to the season with his side currently sitting 7th in the table.

But he showed he’s class on and off the field by sleeping rough with two of his staff to raise awareness for ‘Off the Fence – a charity in Brighton that does great work for those living on the street or in poverty. 

Premier League manager Graham Potter supports homeless charity by sleeping rough. Picture from Off the Fence Youtube

Potter spoke of his evening spent on the streets, saying: “We had an easy version of sleeping rough, but it still gave us an insight into the challenges the homeless community face on a daily and nightly basis.

“Having experienced just one night out on the street, I cannot imagine what it would be like suffering in this way with no idea of what the future holds, or where the next meal might be coming from.”

Off the fence are working to decrease the homelessness rates in Hove and ensure that those who are living on the streets are kept safe over the winter.

Potter continued: “There is a ridiculous stigma attached (to being homeless). These are some of the most vulnerable members of our society, and they need our help and support.

“Many are suffering from illness, poor health and it is heart breaking in 2021 that we still see people living on our streets.”

Money raised from the event will go towards some of the charity’s work such as its Anti-Freeze Project, which offers a range of care including food, sleeping bags, clothes, showers and laundry services at its day centre and emotional support for the homeless.

For more information visit, use the hashtag #OTFsleepout2021, or visit their supporters’ JustGiving page.