PR Training

Our Good News PR makes your students and school famous.

With more Media and Social Media bad news out there than in history, our PR uniquely gets your positive PR and successes out.

Our founder and editor Shane Dean helps CEOs and Headteachers who want to promote, market and publicise their brilliant schools.

Why wait for bad news to strike? Get on the front foot with hundreds of positive stories – written by your students. We then get them out to Media and Social Media with our passion and contacts.

 “Shane works ‘magic dust’ to turn a nothing thing into stories seen by millions of people. If you want world leading PR for your business or people, Shane is your man.”

Oli Ballard, Editor, Business Leader

This is PR linking and partnering with celebrities, schools, individuals and other organisations to get standout stories that editors and the TV want.

It gets you influence and put you in the minds of editors and even leaders such as the Prime Minister.

“Shane has made a huge difference to our PR… he is optimistic and outward looking. A tremendous asset to any company or school. Thoroughly recommended.

Neville Coles, CEO of The Priory Learning Trust

It gets your stories seen by millions in the news

And your business seen across the world

Shane Dean has been doing exciting stories for Media and Editors that have gone across the world since the late 1990s.

It is an exciting new era for PR, publicity and marketing.

We do PR training for schools, academies, multi academy trusts, businesses, individuals and more. Plus photos, videos and your prospectus.

Get in touch at for individual and group training.

“Shane has a track record in journalism and PR consultancy, deep wells of creativity and integrity. Crucially Shane is a uniquely positive man. I’ve yet to see him regard any glass as half-empty.”

Editor and PR Manager Simon Angear

“I could never have imagined the impact that Shane could have in such a short time. He is totally reliable and always delivers whatever he promises with amazing results!”

Headteacher and Ofsted Inspector Lesley Greenway