Raising healthy kids in a digital world - Dr. Chatterjee's Podcast provides hope and a way forward

Raising healthy kids in a digital world - Dr. Chatterjee's Podcast provides hope and a way forward
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By Happiness Correspondent

For parents concerned about technology's impacts on children, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's latest podcast offers hope. 

In a compelling discussion with renowned psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the renowned GP and author explores how our digital age is transforming childhood.

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Chatterjee and Haidt dive deep into the alarming rise of teen mental health issues and the developmental impacts of declining free play. 

Haidt shares eye-opening research about social media's damaging effects, from undermining self-esteem and relationships for girls to the unique challenges boys face with gaming addiction and pornography exposure.

But this isn't just an exploration of problems – it's a conversation packed with solutions. 

Chatterjee and Haidt outline tangible strategies families can start implementing today, like setting clear tech boundaries, prioritizing hobbies and quality family time, and partnering with other parents to foster healthier tech norms.

The experts offer hopeful ideas schools could embrace, such as reducing classroom screen time and strengthening peer-to-peer connections. 

While navigating the digital age brings new complexities to modern parenting, this podcast is a powerful reminder that small, intentional steps can yield big dividends for our children's wellbeing.

As Chatterjee reflects, the discussion ultimately centres on awareness and empowerment.

On his website he said: "By coming together and taking purposeful action as parents, we can create brighter, healthier futures for the next generation."

For those seeking to understand technology's impacts on kids and gain practical tools for nurturing balance, this captivating podcast is an inspiring must-listen resource. 

On his website, Dr. Chatterjee says. “As a father, I know first-hand how overwhelming it can feel to navigate the digital age as a parent. 

“But I firmly believe that we can create a brighter, healthier future for our children by coming together, raising awareness and taking purposeful action.”

The full audio and video are available now on major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

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