Poppy the hero dog given prestigious Speaker’s chair as reward for incredible explosive sweep

Britain rewarded sniffer dog poppy for her remarkable work in the London Bridge terror attack by sitting in Speaker’s chair of the House of Commons.

The explosives detective dog sit in the chair as part of her sweep of the Commons and Lords chambers.

The smiling spaniel was awarded a “canine OBE” for her work in checking for potential explosives following the 2017 terror attack where eight people died.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle let Poppy take his world-famous chair as a reward.

Sir Lindsay, who has a parrot called Boris and Maggie, a 16kg tortoise, said: “I felt honoured to meet Poppy and her handler PC Spalding – who are a brave and talented double act.

“We are so lucky to have police dogs searching Parliament every day to keep us safe. It’s only when you hear about the escapades of Poppy and all her canine colleagues, that you appreciate the vital work they do to protect us from harm.”

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Photo of five-year-old Poppy in the Commons (Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament)