People worldwide mark International Women’s Day (by Isabella, 11)

By Isabella,11, Jill Dando News Correspondent

People worldwide have celebrated International Women’s Day.

The theme this year was: ‘inspire inclusion’. 

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event, created to celebrate the political, social, cultural and economic achievements of women. 

The first International Women’s Day in the United Nations was celebrated in 1975, however, it was actually created in Russia, in 1911. 

It was created by Clara Zetkin – born July 1857 and died June 1933 aged 75. Their colours are purple, green and white: purple signifies dignity and justice, green signifies hope, and white signifies purity. 

With this year’s theme centring around inspiring inclusion, this calls on people to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and create environments where all women no matter their religion, appearance, skin colour or personality are valued. 


“The emancipation of women is not a gift bestowed upon them, but a right they must claim and fight for,” Clara Zetkin.

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